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"Wild at Heart Hoof" Farrier Tatum Standley

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$500 for 2-day clinic.

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Barn Stall  $30

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Auditors - Watch, Ask Questions & Learn $25.00 per day.  No Preregistration required.


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Jake Biernbaum & his Horse Gray - April 7th & 8th.

A Natural Horsemanship Inspired Stable

Next Clinic 

with Jake Biernbaum

Coming April 7th & 8th 2018

Villa de SimVadel

Jake is originally from Michigan and started in horses by working for Parelli Natural Horsemanship as an employee on the Ranch Crew and Tour Team.  Before his horse journey began he did almost 5 years at Tom Brown’s Tracker School where he practiced tracking, wilderness survival and primitive skills.  He even spent most of a year living in a primitive shelter in the woods as a caretaker at Tom’s “Tracker” school. While there he helped teach and practice the  new skills.  This is where he discovered his natural ability as a instructor, trainer, teacher and mentor.  He also found a two-year Horse Management Program at a major university where he increased his all around horse knowledge. 

Afterwards, he transitioned into working for Parelli Natural Horsemanship and worked on the Ranch Crew, Tour Team and spent two years as a part of the Mastery program graduating as a 3-Star Instructor and Horse Development Specialist.  He then traveled the country helping horses and humans for the next 5 years as a Licensed Parelli Instructor.

He has traveled across the country and to Europe over the past ten years and has met some of the horse industries top professionals while having the opportunity to ride, teach and perform in front of thousands of people.  Now he gets to help horses and humans all over the country with his extended family as the Pear Tree Ranch Crew and traveling to other equestrian centers throughout the US like Villa de SimVadel.  

In those years he met his love of his life, Stephanie who he married in 2015.  They now work together while living their dream with their new son Johnny who was born in 2017.